UBUNTU (African Philosophy)

‘I am because we are and, since we are, therefore I am’

Feel like joining our tribe?

Clearly, knowledge and experience are valuable. Yet, passion and curiosity for sub-Saharan Africa are essential. Do you share the vision of The Bright Continent and do you think you can contribute to our mission with original and refreshing content? Feel free to get in touch.

Daaf Borren (27), Founder and Journalist


DaafDaaf has been passionate about sub-Saharan Africa as long as he can remember. He studied International Relations & Security at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, where after he obtained some experience in the humanitarian field as an advisor for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). As an investigative journalist, he wrote for Follow the Money, an independent journalistic organization that strives for justice and transparency in the financial sector, and Mindshakes (now Bedrock), which was an online news outlet, with a focus on ‘millennials’ in particular.

As a journalist, Daaf wishes to contribute to the social debate by providing new insights and original content, in collaboration with people of different backgrounds. Assisted by a constructive and rather ‘human’ approach, driven by a sincere passion for the personal history of individuals, he hopes to open our eyes for the admirable diversity of the African people.

Lastly, Daaf is at all times willing to participate in a debate on differing subjects. A debate wherein it is less important who is right or wrong, but which eventually contributes to our knowledge, mutual understanding and respect for the other.

Frederik Rutgers (27), Copywriter and Communications

Frederik Rutgers
As a Psychology graduate, with a special interest for cultural diversity and social equality, Frederik has attended numerous extracurricular courses concerning Sociology and Cultural Anthropology.

During his master Communications, he was given the change to further develop his (academic) writing along with some remarkable experience in the field of water sanitation projects.

Altogether, Frederik is a passionate communications specialist, who is determined and highly motivated to fulfil a significant role in our globalizing society. For The Bright Continent, he will extensively deal with global communications, with the objective to create a stage for a fair and comprehensive perception of the African continent.

Etinosa Osayimwen (27), Development Photographer and Writer

Etinosa is a freelance development photographer and writer, living in Nigeria. She is passionate about the plight of people living in rural communities, who are visibly neglected and forgotten. By adopting a story-telling approach, she hopes to leverage the power of photography and words to give a voice to the rather forgotten members of her society.

She is readily available.