[TED Talk] Is Africa’s future online? 


By: Siyanda Mohutsiwa 


Africa’s leadership: short-termism – our bane, our cross to bear? [Column]


South Africa is in turmoil, raging fires have engulfed Africa’s most advanced economy. All thanks to the ruling ANC’s blundering leadership and failure to read the modern economy.

Mo Ibrahim, a billionaire who awards excellent leadership in Africa


The British-Sudanese billionaire and entrepreneur Mo Ibrahim, annually awards an African statesman for excellent leadership and good governance. Unfortunately, the prize has not been awarded since 2014 due to a lack of excelling candidates.

Why Nigeria should invest in its leaders of tomorrow


Youth involvement is an indispensable aspect of developing societies, but unfortunately, often neglected by senior policymakers. 

Nigeria and its ever-resilient citizens


“If you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive in any part of the world.”