[TED Talk] Is Africa’s future online? 


By: Siyanda Mohutsiwa 


Dr. Mukwege

A light in Congo’s darkness: Dr. Denis Mukwege


While the population desperately wishes for the first peaceful transition of power in the country’s history, another violent overturn of Congo’s regime seems inevitable. During these fragile months – militias are formed and violence intensifies – the Congolese dr. Denis Mukwege is seen as a beacon of hope in Congo’s darkness.

[TEST] – How well do you know the global development facts?


Earlier this year, The Bright Continent paid tribute to Hans Rosling, a statistics ‘whizkid’ who passed away in February.

The inclusive effect of mobile banking in Tanzania


As an early adopter in the mobile banking industry, doubling mobile money transactions between 2013 and 2015, Tanzania has slowly evolved into a competitive market over the last decade.

‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ [Column]


‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ is what famous musicians brotherly sang, referring to the many hungry Africans, living their hopeless lives on the ‘dark continent’.

Women in North West Cameroon create social impact by funding each other’s projects.


Men and women in various communities of North West Cameroon, come together in what they call ‘Njangi groups’.

[Report] The Sentry – How the South Sudanese elite makes a fortune while making a famine


In an investigative report, shared with The Bright Continent earlier this week, investigators thoroughly describe how the continuous atrocities and suffering in South Sudan, are rather beneficial for an army general who illustrates the corrupted and bad (political) leadership in world’s youngest country.

Get carried away by West Africa’s beauty