[Poem] A Vow to Love Africa



I am reborn
I am here to tell a story
A story of the love we share
A tale of a bond impossible to break
Here I am still dazzling as diamonds.

There are pains of chains
There have been shackles round your feet
But here I am to love you still
To tell the world how proud you make me
Only with your smile.

I smell the breath of your breeze
Your loving arms caress my soul
You are my ivory, you are my gold and my civilization
Here I am to love you more than I ever do.

I have heard rumours
They say you are ugly and poor
They say you are cursed and tattered too
But I will love to be cursed as you are cursed
Let me be tattered just as you are
Here I am to love you for giving me my soul.

Only a smile when the storms strike
Only a sigh when I feel giving up on you
Let me tell you of my vow
Let me pledge an allegiance that can’t be broken
Here I am proud to be called an AfriCan
Yes, because I CAN

I have you engraved in my heart
I have you embossed on my soul
Here I am to sing your praise
Here I am to tell the world
I love my Africa no matter what
And that is my only smile.

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