My Motherland [poem]



First steps taken on this soil

Swift sounds stored safely

In my internal hard drive of childhood memories.

Africa my motherland

A dancing continent filled with distinctive cultures, languages and tribes all united under the rainbow.

The untapped raw beauty of sun-kissed wide-reaching deserts and sand dunes,

Dancing in sync with the tropical rainforest of the Congo River Basin.

The melodic, clickty-click-clack language, spoken by the small and graceful san people that inhibit Southern Africa.

The oh so! glamorous Maasai people of Eastern Africa, dashingly wearing their beautiful colourful traditional ornaments and beads.

And the gorgeous Fulani Women of West Africa spotting and rocking their full luxurious long hair in traditional braid patterns.

A remarkable diverse continent indeed!

Africa a blessed continent

Walking proudly with all its riches and glory with the rest of the six continents.

Completing the world map puzzle into a whole unit.

How I love the beautiful continent I was born in

Africa my motherland

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