Short documentary – Poverty of Perception


A short documentary by Stefan Hunt, which beautifully exposes our misconception about ‘poverty’ among traditional African tribes, like the San in Southern Africa.


“In a time of so much divide in this world it is messages of love, equality and respect that need to be heard. After all…We are all connected. We are all equal. We all have something to learn from one another.” Director Stefan Hunt told The Bright Continent this is the general lesson, he wishes to carry out with the documentary.

Frequently the rather retired lives of African tribes like the San, are unfairly indicated as ‘poor’ and ‘primitive’. This documentary strikingly reveals that misconception, by exposing the happy and intense life of the San in Namibia, from which the ‘Western world’ might learn a few things. In other words; the documentary reveals the ‘Western poverty of perception’.

About the documentary – For thousands of years, the San have lived a deeply connected life to their land and cultural practices. In the 1970’s the government initiated land restrictions that forced the San to move from their ancestral lands into government conservancies with limited hunting, gathering and water access. Today, the San continue to fight for their cultural existence, land rights and the freedom to return home to their desired way of life.

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